Terms of use

(valid from 9.10.2018)

Legal Information :

Daniel Roh - EuroModel

Avenue de la gare 8

1963 VETROZ - Suisse

Forme juridique : Raison individuelle

IDE : CHE-178.147.434

Numéro au registre du commerce : CH-626.1.016.674-2

1. General terms of use

1.1 The following General terms of use apply to all the business connections between the on-line store EuroModel and his customers. The applicable version is in every situation the one who is valid in the conclusion of the contract.

1.2. The english and german version are translations of the french terms of use. In case of problems and mistranslation only the french version of the terms are valuables in case of juridic case and paypal complaints and claims.

2 Conclusion of an order

2.1. With the validation of the order, the customer declares his firm and definitive offer of contract and accept the general terms of use of the website without conditions. By validating his order the customer makes a commitment to pay, at the latest in 30 days according to the date of validation of the order, all of the amount due.

2.2. The indications of availability appearing in the description of products are indicative and cannot be at the origin of a request of refund or compensation on behalf of the buyer. " In Stock " mean that the item will be shipped in 48 hours. "Available" mean that the item will be shipped within 2 in 3 weeks. "On order" mean that the article is available only according to a long unknown waiting. "Preorder" mean that the article is on preorder (category PREORDER).

2.3. We reserve the right to cancel a order or to deliver it partially in case of shortage of stock or in case of not availability of the wanted article. In both cases we shall pay off to you the totality or a part of the sum under the shape of a reduction coupon to be asserted on a future order.

2.4 In the case of the customer get a reduction coupon of our shop, he cannot ask for the collection of this voucher in money. This one is valid only on a unique order and cannot be split and is not valid only on the goods and not on the relative postal charges with order.

2.5 The payment of the goods is made beforehand. For Switzerland, the payment is possible via Paypal, credit cards, bank transfers, post transfers and by paying-in slip which we shall send you via letter. For other countries, the possibilities of payment are identical excepting the paying-in slip.

2.6 The buyer will have to pay the fees of bank transfers, paypal or credit card payment and paying-in-slip. The fees for paypal, credit cards and paying-in-slip are indicated during the checkout process, for the bank transfer please refer to your bank.In case of non compliance with this point, the buyer will have to pay off expenses and the goods will be shipped only once this refund is done.

2.7 If the customer does not pay the amount due in 30 days, a unique reminder will be sent to him by e-mail. If the payment still did not reach us in 10 days following the reminder, we shall prosecute to recover the amount due. The putting in the prosecution will cause automatically administrative fees of 20.00CHF which will be added to the amount of the order.

2.8 We reserve the right not to validate a new order if the person did not paid the amount of a previous order within 30 days.

3. Property reserve

3.1 We keep the property of the product up to the complete payment of the whole costs of the order, the shipping costs and all the relative fees for the payment.

3.2 Products will stay in our ownership as long as the consumer or the entrepreneur will not have settled the totality of his debts towards us.

3.3 We are entitled, during a behavior of the customer against the contract, in particular during a delay in payment, to remove us from the contract.

4. Right of retraction of the consumer

4.1 The consumer can return an item in both following cases: delivery of an article not corresponding to the ordered reference or delivery of an incomplete items or item with missing parts. This retraction has to make within 14 days following the day you get your item.

4.2 The consumer has to pay an eventual compensation for a degradation of the product resulting from his usage. The consumer is entitled to check the product with caution and care, as it would be possible in the store. The loss of value which results of manipulations having the effect that the product cannot be any more sold as new must be supported by the consumer.

4.3 After the acceptance of the return of our part the customer has to return us the item in 14 days. Postal charges for return are in his own responsibility. This dismissal will give the right to him to take another object of the same value in our catalog or a coupon of an identical value of the returned object on an future order subject to the respect for the point 4.3.

5. Payment and shipping costs

5.1 The given prices are firm and definitive. The prices listed on the website do not include the shipping and handling charge which will be calculated according to the country of delivery and added during the checkout. For more information about shipping costs please refer to the "Shipping and returns" page of the website.

5.2 If the shipping can be made via letter (photoetched parts, small materials...) and where the effective postal charges do not reach the sum paid by the customer, we shall send a reduction coupon valid on a next order to compensate for postal charges overpaid.

6. Risks bound to the transport

6.1 In the case of shipping via post or courier, the responsibility of the risks bound to the transport of the goods are not taken by EuroModel. All parcels that don't reach two kilos are sent via priority or economic maxiletter according to the choice of the consumer. On this kind of shipping no tracking is provided by the Swiss Post. For parcel over 2kg (Europe and World) and for the shipping inside Switzerland, the tracking of the parcel is automatic.

6.2 We decline any responsibilities in case of damages due to the transport and the shipping of the goods and this don't allow a request of retraction on behalf of the customer.

7. Limitations of responsibility

7.1 Our responsibility, as well as the one of our co-workers, is limited in the case of a violation of our legal obligations, in case of light fault, to the classic predictable contractual direct damages. In the case of violations by which the conclusion of the contract is not affected, we kick away our responsibility of it, as well as that of our co-workers. The limitations of responsibility above do not concern the complaints of the customers relative to the responsibility towards products or their guarantee. Furthermore, the limitations of responsibility are not applicable in the case of the physical injury or the infringements to the health which can be helat our expense or of the loss of life of the customer.

7.2 We engage our responsibility only for the contents of the Web site of our online shop. As far as we make possible by links the access to the other Web sites, we are not responsible for the contents of these foreign sites. We do not take for our property the contents of these foreign sites. As far as we have knowledge of the illegal contents of these foreign Web sites, we make at once speechless the access to these pages.

8. Final dispositions

8.1 The right applicable to all the contracts concluded between EuroModel and hiscustomers is the one of the Swiss Confederacy.

8.2 The place of jurisdiction to judge all the disputes relative to this contract is Sion. It's also valuable if the customer does not possess a place of jurisdiction in Switzerland, or if his usual residence at the time of the birth of the dispute is not known.

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