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Ammo Mig Jimenez
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Ammo Mig - Luftwaffe Late War Solution Box

Ammo Mig
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SOLUTION BOX WWII LUFTWAFFE LATE WAR FIGHTERS offers you everything you need to paint and weather your models of German fighters from the end of World War II. You will not only find the necessary paints, weathering products, and brushes, but also the valuable resource Solution Book. This complete 70-page guide explains step-by-step how to apply the different colors and effects commonly seen on German fighters operating at the end of the war. Included products A.MIG-2024 ONE SHOT PRIMER GREY A.MIG-0218 RLM 66 SCHWARTZGRAU A.MIG-0217 SLATE GREEN RLM 02 A.MIG-0063 RLM 76 PALE GREY A.MIG-0206 RLM 81 - FS 34079 - BS641 A.MIG-0230 RLM 82 CAMO GREEN A.MIG-0925 RLM 83 OLIVE DRAB DARK A.MIG-0046 MATT BLACK A.MIG-8212 AQUA GLOSS CLEAR A.MIG-2055 MATT LUCKY VARNISH A.MIG-1509 BLUE FOR DARK GREY A.MIG-1613 PLW BLUE GREY A.MIG-1612 PLW GREEN BROWN A.MIG-3513 STARSHIP FILTH A.MIG-3512 DARK BROWN A.MIG-3506 FIELD GREEN A.MIG-1209 STARSHIP STREAKING A.MIG-3004 EUROPE EARTH A.MIG-8621 SYNTHETIC FLAT BRUSH 6 A.MIG-8612 SYNTHETIC ROUND BRUSH 2/0 A.MIG-6501 WWII LUFTWAFFE LATE FIGHTERS SOLUTION BOOK A.MIG-1617 PLW BLUE BLACK
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